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Fill yourself with shining bright crystal energy and bring balance back into your life.

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What does the set include?

7 tumbled crystals · 4 rough crystals · Clear quartz pendulum

Alisima pack
healing crystal set

Healing recording · Chakras

For a more powerful experience with the crystals, listen to the healing meditations.  There’s one for each chakra. · Find out more


Individual Crystal Healing Sessions

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Crystal Bath Therapy

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With each purchase of our set, you will get a free recording valued at € 50 | Healing meditation for the Alisima Crystals

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A beautiful crystal set in a lovely box. I love how there are the chakra stones but also a pendulum and the manifesting stones which makes the set a complete toolkit. I find that I’m far more centred and balanced when I use my set in the morning and it really sets me up for the day. In my first week of using the stones I used them when doing a manifestation piece for a course that I really wanted a place on. I was shocked and stunned when I WON a place on the course along with some other amazing prizes. I’m totally convinced that the manifesting stones helped me to win this. A beautiful crystal set!

Andrea Beadle

The eye-catching Alisima box includes 10 beautiful crystals and a crystal pendulum. There is also an Ebook with clear instructions on how to work with them for support emotionally and to assist in meditation and manifestation - rare. 

Understanding how to use the pendulum and chakra stones to rebalance my chakras was especially helpful. Living in NYC has been rough so I have begun a daily recalibration practice to buffer my depleted energy fields and am feeling so much better. 

Lisa, the owner, is pure love. I have been wholeheartedly recommending Alisima crystals to others and they are reaping the rewards of increased wellbeing too. Just get yours now! 

Alison P · New York City

Now more than ever, we don’t just need tools, we need support, guidance and connection. Within minutes of seeing the ad for the Alisima crystals scroll online, I placed my order. When I viewed the website, the information was clear, organized and helpful. Plus, the added bonus of receiving a downloadable e-book to further help me understand the power behind these beauties, was an added win. No fluff, just beautifully inspired guidance on how to use the crystals in an empowered way.
Once I received my gorgeous crystals, I arranged for an opportunity to have a personal consultation with Lisa and it was such a beautiful, comforting, nurturing and enlightening experience! Lisa intuitively guided me through a process where she was able to tune into my energetic system and determine which chakras needed the support of the crystals. As I held each crystal and listened to her words, I felt seen, affirmed and tremendously cared for. There was so much resonance and so much beauty in the experience. I’m so thankful for the “medicine” that was delivered. Lisa is a true treasure. 

M. Moody · Atlanta

Although I am familiar with the chakras, I haven’t used crystals before as a way of rebalancing energy in the body and self healing. This Alisima box set of beautiful crystals together with the set of simple clear instructions has been an easy and encouraging introduction to exploring crystal healing. I noticed a surge of body energy as I practised the first activity using each crystal in turn to connect with the with chakras. The instructions allow you to experiment at your own pace in ways which suit you as an individual. I’d recommend as a Special gift to self or others.

Suzanne Bethell

The crystals are absolutely beautiful! They bring me so much happiness and just by spending a few minutes each day sitting with them I feel so much positive energy. They are also great to use in the bath as the energy can directly transfer from the water to your body and the experience is powerful. I would definitely recommend these to others, I have felt my mood and aura hugely improved since purchasing them. The team as Alisima have amazing customer service and were happy to answer my questions. The crystals come with a detailed E-book which makes the use of the them clear for beginners as well as more advanced users. They would also make a perfect gift for loved ones. Thankyou to Alisima - I love them!


Mia Matheson

Lovely crystal set that has allowed me to clear and align my chakras. Holding the crystals brings me peace and relaxation, at a time where everyone is worried. The pendulum is easy to use and provides help and support.

Pablo Teros