How do I take care of my Mental Wellbeing?


Crystals and Mental Wellbeing


How do I take care of my mental wellbeing?

We are in unprecedented times. Nothing feels the same anymore. You may be asking yourself “how do I help my mental wellbeing?  How can I get through this?”  I’ve got some suggestions for you.

Sink or Swim

In times of massive change and uncertainty, our mental response will dictate whether we will surf the waves or sink to the bottom.  Your mental resilience will decide what is true for you.

Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience is like a muscle. To make it strong, you need to work it.  We are definitely working our mental load right now.  But did you know that muscle grows on the REST DAYS!  How can you build some rest time to let your mental resilience grow stronger?


Schedule periods of mental rest

If you were training for a marathon, you would schedule rest days into your training program.  Mental rest periods are just the same.  Recognise that this extended time of change will require a “marathon mindset”. You’ll need more structure than you might have originally thought.

Research has shown that just making a daily time for action will help you achieve your goal.  Decide what time works best for you and stick to it.


Location, Location, Location

You need to find a place where you won’t be disturbed.  A place that feels good to you. Your bedroom, a favourite chair, or even under a tree in a park.  Try to go to the same place every day.


Connect with your Crystals

Pick up your box of Alisima crystals.  Look at each one in detail.  Look at their beauty and focus on them one by one.  Close your eyes and imagine each stone is passing its beauty, its stillness and its steady calmness on to you.


Reset your Energy with Crystals

Crystals are full of energy and each one has a different frequency.  When you feel upset or afraid, your energy will feel very different from how you normally feel.  When you hold a crystal, you allow its energy to flow into you, gradually resetting your own frequency.  


Your “rest time” can last as long as you like.  Maybe 10 minutes.  If that’s all you can find in your day, that is perfect.  If you can spare half an hour, that’s even better.  Just sit still, holding your crystals and letting their energy flow into you.

Trust the Process

During these small periods of time when you are with your crystals, you are building some space for your mental health recovery.  It’s a cumulative process.  Over time, you’ll feel a big difference, though you might not notice it to start with.


Keep Going

Our crystals at Alisima have been programmed for these times.  Harnessing the wisdom and energy frequencies of each individual crystal to the mission of bringing peace of mind to a troubled world, these crystals can and will make a difference to your life.

None of us know how this current situation will play out. We don’t have much influence on a global scale.  But you have a great deal of influence on yourself. Spend as much time as possible peacefully raising your vibration.


Onwards and Upwards

By making a commitment to your own mental wellbeing, you’re taking positive steps to recovery.  Once you are stronger and mentally resilient, you can help those around you.  One thing is certain, its only by working together that we will all get through this.  And the key to it all is this little box of crystals.