Holding Steady in a Frightening World

One of the most important traits of a leader is to keep people calm during times of great change.


I worked in major change projects in the corporate world and it was easy for clients to feel unsettled and uncertain as we moved forward. Yes, things were not as they used to be, but different could actually turn out to be a good thing, if you just gave it a chance.


One of my main roles was to keep our eyes firmly focused on the benefits the change would realise. This involved keeping everyone steady, listening to fears and reassuring where necessary. I would encourage and calmly steer the project forward making sure I brought all the people involved with me.


Now, I work far away from the corporate arena, yet the issues I see are the same. The world around us is almost unrecognisable from what it was at the beginning of the year. No one is ever going to say that a virus that is devastating the health of so many people is a “good thing”. Yet these strange times are forcing change upon us like nothing before in recent history.


Becoming fearful is the worst thing we can do. This mindset and behaviour spirals down, leading to an ever more fearful and dark state of mind. As a leader, people are looking to us as a role model. It really is time for us to step up and demonstrate with every bone in our bodies that we can and will find a way through this.


If we take an inventory of the good things that have come about because of these imposed changes, we can find plenty of things to put on our list. Many of us have found we really value things we have taken for granted. A walk in nature, our family, the sound of birdsong, the kindness of people in our community we didn’t really know before.


The restrictions have also opened up innovative ways of doing things. We have had to find solutions to work around difficulties and this has powered us forwards in all sorts of ways.


So what we do as leaders is to focus on this energy of positivity, bolstering our own wavering faith with real life examples of the innovation and creativity we see blossoming.


Our people are looking to us to set the tone and are depending on us to drive this change home. Even though we don’t have the project plan, or even know our end goal.


I support people in a very different way now I am away from the corporate world, yet the principles are the same. If you read my recommendations, you will see that my strength is supporting people through change.


If you are open minded and interested in how you can rid yourself of fear and negativity, you can be a better role model for the people who are looking to you to steer them through this crisis.


I was recently featured in ABC Mallorca’s wellness magazine, a prestigious publication on the island. Please read it and see how I can help you.


Page 112-116 https://www.abc-mallorca.com/wellness-2020/