How can I calm my overactive mind?

We all have those moments in the middle of the night…. We need to go to sleep but our mind is racing. If you’d like to know how to use crystals to help you find some peace, please read on.


Don’t just reach for the sleeping pills

It’s tempting to turn to medication to help you sleep or calm your anxiety. Your head feels so full it could burst. Sleeping pills can be useful in the short-term, but all medication comes with side effects. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find a natural way to a peaceful mind?


Identify how you feel right now

It’s useful to find an image of what your racing mind feels like. Maybe it is a cup of tea that’s been stirred too much so it’s swirling fast. Maybe it’s a tornado tearing across open countryside. You might picture a volcano, spewing lava everywhere, or an out-of-control forest fire, burning and destroying everything in it’s path.


The power of crystals can help

The best crystals to help with an overactive mind are clear quartz and amethyst. They work directly with your crown chakra and the third eye in your head. Hold one stone in each hand and visualise your image as it begins to slow down. You are giving your mind a task to do by focusing on this image while the crystals get to work.


Watch the progress

In your mind’s eye, watch the tornado lose its power. See the cup of tea become still. Notice the volcano has stopped erupting and realise the forest fire has burnt itself out. Breathe gently as you hold the crystals for as long as feels right. Just use your intuition.


The crystals act as catalysts. They transform your state of being without being affected. You can use them over and over again and their energy remains as pure, clean and safe as it was the very first time you used them.


Enjoy feeling peaceful

It’s a great idea to build a daily practice with your crystals. Even 5 minutes a day will help your mind remain clear, still and peaceful. The crystals help you hold the sensations of peace and serenity much longer than if you simply tried a visualisation on it’s own.


What else can I try to calm my busy mind?

People use all sorts of techniques to try to still their mind: mindfulness, meditation, essential oils to name but a few. If you hold your crystals while doing any of these, your results will be so much more effective and long lasting.


Pass it on

Now you know how crystals can help you calm your overactive mind, why not let others in on the secret? In the world today, there is a lot to think about and many people aren’t coping so well. If you know someone who might be open to trying something different, please share this blog with them.


And don’t forget your crystals!