Reduce Stress and Overwhelm with Crystals

Alisima crystal set

When you are fighting fires in several areas of your life at the same time, it can feel overwhelming. You wonder if you’ll cope. Using crystals is an easy way
to feel better. If you want to reduce your stress and are open to trying something different, here is all you need to know.

Traditional ways we help ourselves
Most of us look for practical steps we can take to try to make things better. If we’ve got money issues, we will try to look at ways we can reduce our spending. If we’ve got health issues, we might change our diet  or try to exercise more.
These strategies are great but if you add in crystals and energy techniques as well, you can really fast track your progress.

Focus on your energy first
Crystals are a great way to work on an energetic level. When you are stressed or overwhelmed, your energy is really off. You can feel it. Your emotions are on the low end of the spectrum and you are a long way from feeling balanced, centred and peaceful.

If you address your underlying energy state first, then the physical improvement follows.

Crystals are really easy to use. Here’s what you do.

Decide you want to change things.
Make a firm decision that you are going to do something to feel better. The decision to invest 10 minutes a day shows that you value yourself

- Set the intention that you want to feel more peaceful. Remember a time when life felt good. Feel that feeling. Detach the feeling from the outer circumstances of your life. You might not be able to recreate that exact moment, but it is possible to feel that way again.

Pick up the crystals
In Alisima, we have chosen a fabulous selection of crystals

- That are really great all-rounders. There is a
crystal for every occasion. Don’t worry about
which one you pick up. Use your intuition. Pick up several if you like. Hold them in your
hand and breathe.

- Let the crystal energy move through your
body. Imagine the energy flowing out of the crystals into you. Some people can feel a tingling sensation. Others feel their hands get warm. Others feel absolutely nothing. But the gentle crystal energy is flowing into you.

- Ask the crystals to help you.
The crystals start work. Every individual is
different. Everyone’s stress has been triggered
differently. The crystals will meet you wherever
you are, whether its mild anxiety or “I just can’t take it anymore”

- Breathe and Relax
Crystals can dissolve lower vibration energies,
like fear. In the space that is created, they can
infuse new brighter energy of a higher vibration. As you breathe out, feel the crystals
dissolve more and more of the stress and let it
go. As you breather in, be open to receive the
gift from the crystal. Pure bright positive

Notice how you feel
Try not to plunge right back into busyness, but spend a couple of moments noticing how you feel after you’ve invested these precious few minutes in yourself.

Keep it up
Spend some quiet time with your crystals every day feeling peaceful. Even if it feels like nothing is happening or nothing is changing, keep up the daily practice.

Building more and more moments of calm in your day allows time for new ideas or inspiration to appear.
When life gets really noisy, it’s very difficult to hear the quiet whispers of intuition. Gradually, as the crystal energies help you to become calmer, you have more space to think.

A new you
Before too long, you’ll realise that the feelings of stress and overwhelm have melted away. You feel grounded and centred and more like yourself again!

Learn some more techniques
At Alisima, we don’t just want to bring you some great tools, we want to teach you how to use them.

There is a complete e-book, full of techniques like this to help you get the very best from your crystals. It comes free with every purchase.