How the Alisima crystals came into being



I’ve been an energy healer for many years, working with clients internationally online and in person.  Anyone who has followed me through (before I remarried) or from the Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa, will remember that I work only through Divine guidance.  It was Divine guidance that prompted me to arrange the Angelic Telesummit, move to Mallorca in Spain and every other thing in my life.

It will not be a surprise therefore to know that it was guidance that told me to work with crystals.  By getting these crystals directly in the hands of individuals who need them, teaching them how to use the specific energy techniques for themselves, it will allow beneficial energy to spread to a much wider audience than I could ever reach with my one to one healing appointments.

It has all unfolded in a very natural way, the stones appearing first and the energy stories afterwards.  

There are 3 sets of stones within the overall Alisima Crystal set:

The 7 chakra stones, 3 rough stones and a selenite wand. I’m going to talk about the chakra crystals today.

At first, I believed the 7 chakra stones were purely about balancing the chakras to help people to feel more centred, rediscovering their centre and therefore being able to operate on a daily basis in a way that is more in tune with who they really are.  This remains absolutely true, however, my guidance is telling me there is so much more to them than this.

These chakra stones have been programmed with a specific energy that is very powerful, bringing massive Universal support from above and below.  The image that comes to mind is one of a tree.  With its roots growing deep in the ground, it is really anchored in the earth and connects to the love of Mother Earth, the purest form of feminine energy.  The tree’s branches reach high into the sky, connecting to the masculine energy of the crystalline grids above our heads.

As the chakras are brought back into alignment, it is as if we are straightening out any bends in the tree trunk, so the energy can flow up and down in a straight line with maximum flow.  A hosepipe with a kink in it doesn’t let water flow at all sometimes.  If our own chakras are out of alignment, they won’t allow this divine energy to move through us very easily.

Can you imagine how marvellous it feels to be bathed by Divine feminine and masculine energy by just sitting with your crystals for a few minutes a day?  All you need to do is work on the chakras out of alignment and you will allow the flow to begin.  The programming of the crystals will tap you into the Divine energies above you and under your feet!

Why am I surprised at the unfolding of such beauty?  I thought I was putting some beautiful crystals into the world to help balance chakras and enhancing wellbeing.  It turns out these crystals will be doing SO MUCH MORE!  They are delivering a specific vibration and frequency to the world when they’ve never needed it more.  I’m overjoyed at the chance to help so many people so easily.

I’ll write more about the other crystals another day.  They have an equally beautiful story.

Please help me share these crystals as widely as possible.  I really do want to get these into the hands of as many people as I can as I know the whole world needs these balancing and supportive energies right now.  

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