Fulfill your Life Purpose with the Power of Crystals

Lighting people of the world


Fulfill your life purpose with the power of crystals.

You know you are here with a big life purposeYou can feel it.  But what if you can’t put your finger on exactly what you are supposed to do!  If you want to know how crystals can help you fulfill your life purpose, read on. 

What is my Life Purpose?

Do you feel called to be in service to the Universe?  It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed or frustrated because you can’t pinpoint exactly how best to serve. What if it’s much easier than you think?  What if your life purpose is what you ARE, rather than what you DO!

Light beings

Everybody carries an amount of light.  We are all light beings. You can sense someone who is full of light and shining brightly because it feels good to be near them.  People who are filled with light inspire others to shine their light too. It’s as simple as that!  It’s infectious.  If we focus on who we ARE, we shine our light as brightly as we can.


What if our life purpose is simply to shine our light as brightly as we possibly can?  This is how we can serve the Universe.  You can achieve this.

Overcome your fear

As we go through the struggles of life here on earth, our light often becomes obscured.  Fear affects our light the most.  There’s a lot we could be afraid of right now.  If you are afraid, your light contracts, and it can sometimes feel like it has gone out.  When you are afraid, you can feel depressed and hopeless. As a child, when you were afraid in the dark, it really helped if someone turned on the light.

Help build a network of light

Look at the above photo of the world as seen from space.  Satellite images show the lights in the big cities.  What if our life purpose is to shine our own light so brightly it can be seen from space?  There has been a huge spiritual awakening in the world over the past 20 years, Your light can help build this momentum.

How do I shine my light brighter?

The Alisima crystals will fast-track your route to fulfilling your life purpose of shining brightly.  They come pre-programmed with a special energy signature so you can achieve this.  They clear away our lower vibration energy and fill us with high vibration light.  People are actually reporting visible differences after using the crystals.  Friends tell them they look really well.

When you are having a difficult day, the crystals can provide energetic support.  It can be very subtle, but you will start to feel better. Just read some of the reviews. (insert link to the reviews on the website) 

It’s so simple

All you have to do is hold the crystals in your hand and they will start to help you.  Set your intentions to release any fear.  Be open to receive the uplifting, supportive energies of the crystals. As you begin to hold more and more light, you’ll start to shine.   

How can I help?

Let’s create a network of shining bright people, just like the photo above. Think what a difference a network of high vibration light beings would make. Imagine everyone around the world, shining bright, supporting and inspiring one another.

Help to get this toolkit out to the people who need them, The Alisima crystals are never needed more than now.  

Here’s what you can do:

  • Gift a set  of crystals to a friend who is struggling but open to trying something new
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  • Have a look around the website and read the other blogs
  • You could even treat yourself to a box just for you!

How can I buy the Alisima crystals?

Our online store www.alisima.com is all set up for the United States of America. The crystals are ready, just waiting to go out to their new homes.   Will you take one? 

If you live elsewhere, please contact us on support@alisima.com and we can mail them to you.  We will be up and running in other countries as soon as we can.