How Crystals Can Make Your Dreams Come True


How Crystals Can Make Your Dreams Come True

The rough stones, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst are all excellent crystals. That’s because they’ll help make the things you want to experience in your life happen. It’s that simple.

Read on to find out about the power of crystals and how they can help you  achieve your goals. 

Finding the Perfect Partner

Let's take the example of trying to manifest a great relationship into your life. Some might focus on physical attributes or on people they know. 

Others might have a whole list of requirements and focus on these. It's good to be clear on what you want. 


Managing Expectations

From an energy perspective, it's helpful to focus on the experiences you want in a relationship, rather than the partner themselves. 

Here are some of things you might be looking for: 

  • I want to enjoy laughing together
  • I want great conversation with a like minded person
  • I want to feel physically held and supported

Keeping an Open Mind

When you start focusing on the experience you want, you are adding to the clarity of what you want. You’re also leaving things open for the Universe to deliver a relationship to you that’s going to be right for you. 

This might not always be what you expect. There may be even times when you think it's not what you want. The key is to keep an open mind. If you do, you might find that things will work out to be even better than your initial expectations.  


The Power of Crystals Can Help You Find True Love 

Spend time by yourself being quiet. Imagine what experiences you’d like to manifest in your life. Let your imagination expand and use all your senses. That way you’ll be able to picture all these experiences in detail.

Write your list down first before you begin to activate it with the crystals. Some people feel a bit of resistance to making a written list. 

The act of writing things down makes more of a commitment to what you want. This is because you are investing time getting very clear about the kinds of experiences you want in your life.


Making Physical Contact With the Crystals

Once you have your list, pick up one or all the rough crystals in your hand. Look at each point you have written down in turn and focus on it. 

Using the examples above, the first point is laughing together. Where are you? Having dinner together in a restaurant? Playing on a beach? Driving to the supermarket in the car? 

Visualise and let yourself feel each of your imagined experiences. Play several scenarios in your mind's eye as you focus on your shared laughter. Feel your body relax as you smile at these images in your mind.


The Vibrational State

When you have finished with the first point, move on through the list. At the very end, ask for “this or something better” 

Manifesting with the crystals in your hand fills the whole experience with high vibrational energy. As you spend more time in this high vibrational state, it makes it easier for you to attract what you’re seeking in your life.


Relax and Let Things Take Their Course

The next part of the process is the piece I find the hardest. Relax and let things go, knowing the Universe has your order and will deliver it to you in its own time. Try to resist scanning the horizon at every moment, looking for it to arrive.

Sometimes, your dreams will manifest in a way you could never have imagined. Keep yourself open to what might unfold. Don’t worry if things don't materialize straight away. There may be very good reasons for this.  


Be Encouraged by the Testimony of Others

When you focus on manifesting from an energy perspective, it can smooth the process a great deal. Crystal energy will enhance your chances of success. Here’s the feedback from one recent Alisima customer. 

 “……In my first week of using the stones I used them when doing a manifestation piece for a course that I really wanted a place on. I was shocked and stunned when I WON a place on the course along with some other amazing prizes. I’m totally convinced that the manifesting stones helped me to win this. A beautiful crystal set!”

Seize the Moment 

Get started on your journey so that you can achieve your precious goals. Find out more here about how you can bring the power of crystals into your life.

Good luck and enjoy the process!