Crystals for Protection


Crystals for Protection
We all have those days when we could use a friendly arm around our shoulder and a voice telling us everything is going to be OK. If you want to know how a crystal can help you feel just that, please read on.

Life lessons teach us the hard way
When you feel like you are up against the same challenges time after time, these are called life lessons. Perhaps you keep dating disastrous people.

Maybe as soon as you get some money, your car breaks down or you have an unexpected expense and it’s all gone. That’s life lessons for you.

The problem is that over time, these life lessons take their toll on us. We become sensitive, demoralised and defensive.

Are your protective energy fields intact?
When we feel injured by sharp words, they seem to cut right through us. That’s because our own natural protective energy fields are damaged. When we are born, we have strong natural energy fields
round us. As we grow and encounter difficult situations, these fields become worn.

If you imagine yourself with a big soft energetic coat that keeps you warm and dry. You walk past some thorns that tear a sleeve slightly.

Then you fall down and rip a big hole in the side. Over time, as you go through more scrapes, your coat becomes more damaged. Add in the life lessons that cut the same areas over and over again and your
coat is in tatters.

Selenite is the best protection for your energy fields
A selenite wand is the perfect tool to support and strengthen your energy fields. As you hold it in your hand, you feel a gentle flow of shimmering, milky white crystalline energy flow into your body. Your skin feels as if it is growing a new layer, a protective energy field.

Selenite knits the fabric back together and repairs all the holes, so you feel warm and dry, completely protected and safe.

Visualisation to use with this process
Close your eyes and set the intention

  • For the selenite wand to strengthen, support and protect your energetic fields.
  • As you hold your selenite wand in your hands,
  • allow the energy to flow through you
  • Imagine a beautiful shimmering outer energy field crystallising around you.
  • The crystal is gently rebuilding your outer energy field, carefully repairing any damage.
  • Feel supremely protected and safe.

There’s no need to replay the dramas that caused the original damage, just allow the healing to occur.

Life carries on!
If you don’t have a selenite wand, then get yours here.  Don’t forget to check in with your selenite wand regularly. Make time to top up your energetic protection and repair any minor tears before they turn into gaping holes.

Life still throws us challenges, but you’ll find you can cope with them so much better now you have the right protection.