Individual Crystal Healing Sessions

individual crystal heaing session

During the 45 minute session, Lisa will connect with your energy remotely as you hold each crystal in turn.  Lisa shares her visualisations with you as each crystal interacts with your own energy.  Each person receives different levels of healing from the crystals depending on their own individual needs.  

Lisa has been an energy healer for over 20 years.  Every healing session offers profound healing and you are also able to use these visualisations as you hold the crystals on your own in the future.

Look at the feedback received

Once I received my gorgeous crystals, I arranged for an opportunity to have a personal consultation with Lisa and it was such a beautiful, comforting, nurturing and enlightening experience! Lisa intuitively guided me through a process where she was able to tune into my energetic system and determine which chakras needed the support of the crystals. As I held each crystal and listened to her words, I felt seen, affirmed and tremendously cared for. There was so much resonance and so much beauty in the experience. I’m so thankful for the “medicine” that was delivered. Lisa is a true treasure. -- M. Moody  Atlanta, USA

Lisa invited me to hold each stone in turn while she thoughtfully tuned into what they might be offering for my understanding, learning or growth. She provides a beautiful safe, peaceful space while offering insights that were very poignant as well as practical. I saw the session as a signpost to what I might focus on in my own meditation. Using these truly beautiful stones feels more meaningful having had this personal session with Lisa as I now have greater insight and direction. I look forward to taking this work to a deeper level.  - Em C, London

A few days ago my crystals arrived from Alisima. I was excited for their arrival and I was not disappointed.  The crystals were better than advertised on their website. They are beautiful to look at, wonderful to hold, and already energetically tuned to me.  The e-book is helpful and I was fortunate enough to book a session with the Alisima founder Lisa.  She instantly tuned into me whilst I was holding each crystal, one by one, and it was remarkable how spot on she was when doing my session. She then taught me how to use the pendulum and I have been working with them ever since.  Cannot wait to take this practice deeper. 

-Larry M, Edinburgh

You must own your own set of Alisima crystals to request an appointment for these sessions.

Once your Alisima crystals have arrived at your home, please contact Lisa at to arrange the appointment.

The session can be done in English or Spanish.